Eternal Flame Flag Retirement and Advancement Weekend
September 25-27, 2009

Boy Scout Advancement Opportunities

     We are always looking for opportunities for Scouts to Advance. This year's Eternal Flame is no exception. We are going to make available a Merit Badge Weekend. For this to be successful, we will need the assistance of Merit Badge Counselors throughout the Pioneer District and beyond. Those of you up for the task, I ask that you gear the requirements to the theme of the weekend. For example, if a Scout is working on the Journalism Merit Badge, they should get interviews from the  "survivors" of the airplane crash event. If a scout is working on the Photography Merit Badge, they should take pictures of the "crash scene."  Wi-Fi will be available, if  Scouts need to access to the Internet. For research purposes only! 

     For information on Merit Badge Requirements, go to

     This is a great opportunity for Scouts interested in working on a merit badge they might not otherwise be able tooIt will be really be helpful if each Troop interested in participating in any of the Merit Badges, fill out the form below and send it back to us ASAP. That way we can make sure there is a Merit Badge Counselor for those interested.

 Eternal Flame Merit Badge Signups.doc

Merit Badges Offered


  American Heritage              Aviation            Composite Materials         Emergency Prep          Engineering                    Fire Safety                       First Aid                        Journalism




       Life Saving                  Model Design &           Nuclear Science            Photography                Public Health                     Radio                            Safety                     Space Exploration



          Weather             Wilderness Survival


Rank Advancement

There is always room for rank advancement. If anybody is interested in any rank advancement that pertains to this years'  theme, let us know at

For example, First Aid  and Knots are always good choices to work on at Eternal Flame.