Eternal Flame Flag Retirement and Advancement Weekend
September 25-27, 2009


The Event is now over, Thank you all for making it a success! 


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 Time is running out! Please let us know if you are planning to attend this year's Eternal Flame!


  • Are you camping with us? (families are invited)

  • Do you have any flags to retire?

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Garrison Flag Being Readied  for Retiring at Camp Lassen for this year's Eternal Flame '09

(picture provided by Greg Kramer)

Count Down to Eternal Flame '09

"When Duties Combine . . ."


This year's theme, "When Duties Combine . . .,"  focuses on two lines of defense, the Federal Government (SAC) and various volunteer organizations. We want to give Scouts, their Families, and the Public, information concerning these distinctly different groups and see how they actually come together in time of need. This year's participants will be able to  learn about the history of SAC, work with volunteers side by side, and what are the plans  for the keeping our Nation secure. For the Scouts attending, we will have various advancement opportunities available. Our plan is to have activities for all age levels that are geared to this year's Theme. Amongst all the fun, it is above all a time to respectfully Retire United States Flags that the Sacramento Area Community has  provided. We humbly accept the "challenge" to retire over 2,700 US flags.

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                      Civil Air Patrol                                                            Boy Scouts Of America                                   Strategic Air Command          




           Community Emergency Response Team              Drowning Accident Rescue Team





          Cub Scouts                       Boy Scouts                          Venturing


This Year's Sponsors...

We want to thank all of our sponsors for helping out with Eternal Flame '09.
Without their support, none of this could happen! 
Please support our Sponsors
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